EUGEN VARZIĆ - exhibition "NOIR"

About the author:

EUGEN VARZIĆ graduated from the Painting Department of the Faculty of Philosophy in 1999. 
He has exhibited in numerous solo exhibitions and more than a hundred group exhibitions at home and abroad. For his work has received numerous awards. 
He has led several art projects (Street art in Porec 2001, 2002, Ex tempore New You in 2009, 2010 and ex tempore Funtana 2011) and has participated in international visual art projects (Cromatismo ermetic, Plenair Snina, Slovenia Open to Art, Il gusto nel Color Ars sacra Mosaic city Porec). 
Many of his works are in many public and private spaces (City administration of Porec, Pula General Hospital, Porec-Pula diocese, Pula Prison, Hypo Banka Zagreb and the Croatian president) and in private collections around the world and Croatian (Pavarotti, Nicklaus ) and in the sacral region (number of papers in Poreč and Pula's diocese, and the diocese of Dubrovnik). 
2005 was included in the lexicon of modern and contemporary art, published by Gallery Alba Ferrara. 
As one of five artists from the Croatian, in 2008, his work titled Eva (cycle Enfer Paradis), was included in the lexicon of stunning and contemporary art Europe, by Gerhard Habarta. The same image is included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Fantastic Art in Vienna. 
For many years involved in charity auction. Occasionally engaged in the design, short film and illustration. In early 2011, in Porec runs art workshops, which systematically guides throughout the year. As a freelance artist lives and works in Kufci near Porec. 

A short description of the exhibition and a preliminary description of 
Each image will have a generated QR code through which the observer will obtain clarification work. All images are acrylics / oil on canvas. 
"NOIR see it as a moment of calming, relieving and reconciliation. Recycling and permeation idea. Do not like some of the reds. More like stunning flashes of blackness to paint, draw and write. And here we come to the motifs, themes, direction ... I come to the in common with the main characteristics of noir films (at least I was convinced that it is so). 
- Scenes in the film have a lot of shadows, which are sometimes so exaggerated, stylized to look almost comic. The characters in the film noir are mainly motivated by greed, jealousy or revenge. The main character is mostly a private detective or police officer who investigates crimes such as murder, robbery, gambling, prostitution, extortion, etc.. Characteristics of the main character is that he is "bad", it is often torn by remorse, and some of his actions (threats, lies) is no different from the criminals prosecuted. Also characteristic is the emergence of a "femme fatale", the femme fatale, which is sometimes a key motivator of the main character. Often, the film follows the narrative of the main character, which contributes to a dark and depressing atmosphere, because it is full of cynicism, cold or depressed. Hereby, the author of the film noir in the viewer creates a sense of unease, as the viewer unconsciously identify with the main character and questions his motives, feelings and actions. Film noir is largely similar to the classic tragedies, because the main characters often are faced with impossible choices (choose the "less of two evils") and their decisions unwanted water, tragic end. "
Eugen Varzic


EUGEN VARZIĆ - exhibition "NOIR"

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