"Incidentally images" - an exhibition of Zeljka Gradski - soon!

This month in our gallery, we will witness the opening of the exhibition "casual image." Any pictures please? Yes, you heard me - "casual picture" - that is the title of the concept, ie. Complex and elusive to any framework or definition of a series of images Zeljka Gradski. 

They would at first it is a story without a head and tail but we do when we say we are talking about an elusive, lebdeĉoj and dispersed into a thousand colors, the nature of its spirit. The story has many inexplicable charm, believe us. Images will not just rush through the gallery as the title of the exhibition tells its context, and the exhibition will surely not be unnoticed due to the unusual, eye very "tangible", sweet and gentle, straightforward and deeply innocent expression of her brush. Speed ​​will come on the 22nd and we certainly do not want to take days to then started flashing as "the way" and casually and that you do not notice at the time of this interesting exhibition. 

Style it ranked in order of the new generation of artists that has a starting point of your chosen expression solely 
DIRECT emotion (loss of analytical apparatus of reason) in response to internal (dreams, thoughts) or external (the tangible world) stimuli. Expressions which awkwardly defined as "the art of children's policies," which means that really moves her brush with some touching sincerity children's imagination and cloth under it assumes a non-existent dimension and was playing field where everything is allowed and does not tolerate any explanation. 

There is a table of its Infinite Mind sat down to play cards Kokoschka, Kandinsky, Picasso and Klee. Even Lipovac Radoicic throw in the competition. Now and then insert the Warhol - not the map, but added that his "soup". But all in vain, there is a black-haired Desire unquestionable intent to conquer the world with his compositions, its colors, its modern kind of honesty and freedom. And of course I won - not a combination of cards or some sort of sheer luck (such as when a layperson from the first move from pure beginners luck) - but the combination of which is called "harmony of heart and head."


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Review of the exhibition by Zeljka Gradski - "We are all made ​​from stars"

"Incidentally images" - an exhibition of Zeljka Gradski - soon!

Who won the cardgame tournament?

Izet Djuzel - review of the exhibition "Water Habitats" 17.-04.24.2014. Gallery "Kopjar"

Cobalt glowof all his pictures

The great Thursday for Izet Djuzel

Although today is the day when Christians mention of Jesus last dinner - Izet's exhibition is certainly not such a fate befell you like butterflies live for only one day ...

Izet Djuzel - Water habitats

To mark the opening of the exhibition "Water Habitats" - Thursday, 17. april 2014 at 19 p.m., Gallery "Kopjar" Gunduliceva 11, Zagreb

Tomislav Ostrman - review of last night's opening of the exhibition (27.03., 20:15 p.m.)

The lights shot down. Ostrman went down and left the stage his works that play their own show.

As you know (or do not know) Tomislav will have the exhibition in Kopjar gallery!

The lights shot down. Ostrman went down and left the stage his works that play their own show.