Izet Djuzel - review of the exhibition "Water Habitats" 17.-04.24.2014. Gallery "Kopjar"

Exhibition Izet Djuzel long ended. But the freshness of impressions just as intoxicating spring water prove that the quality of his works go beyond any limitations and transience, do not know the ravages of time or subject to the curses of our time; imposed social trends that dictate what is worthy of attention, and for how long, and the speed of change and oblivion. The principles that govern today where popularity goes hand in hand with the ability to copy and tracking trends Izet does not at all touch nor care. And there are reasonably entitled to that view. Often it can meet the streets. Peaceful walks dreamy lovers on the hour in the present moment into the future. Lively, playful and carefree, always in good spirits, smiling and all his, with recognizable hat under his brim hide his thoughts graciously greets the day safe in the uniqueness of the moment. In its uniqueness. He is not the only one with this kind of painting, brush stroke, style, and even the theme dealt with in his latest series of paintings (water) - and yet, his water is cleaned all the slightest doubt of originality and purity of his imagination. Payments that fail to freeze dynamic torque and at the same joy and elation observed vision (or the actual scene) spoke of a great artist's art is primarily about freedom of his spirit. It's not that she rowdy, headless, silly freedoms. 

This is her quiet and peaceful freedom, blissfully satisfied by its inert existence not resisting any choppy rabies everyday and that can not hurt either apocalyptic state of society. In his mind, the entire universe conspires to his peace survive. This is the moment of nirvana when the world cries out for you and you just gently smile and hug him as the father of their child sulkily unreasonable ... and breathing, smiling, still. "Swims downstream" blessing and the oppression of the river of life are floating on your shores. Just like the restless Una. And where is now the serenity of water in us? Serenity that (despite the dynamics shown) for example. Đuzelovim see in the pictures? Where did 

the cobalt glow of childhood when everything was covered in a veil of romantic fairy dust in a million airy tones and colors? - Nowhere. All this is still in us, but we have to react very quickly to awaken, enliven thoughts into actions. Someone expresses walk the sunny side of Zrinjevac, someone in a fragrant sip of coffee at the peak, some verses beautiful song to his beloved, and another endless cascades of color on canvas. We are pleased that Izet the dance of colors shared with us and you in our gallery. And it's the best possible music background - Arsen Dedic. We hope that the colorist ball a few more times to repeat with us, or anywhere else ... we will be happy to follow his lead. 

By Lydia Saftić


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Izet Djuzel - review of the exhibition "Water Habitats" 17.-04.24.2014. Gallery "Kopjar"

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Izet Djuzel - Water habitats

To mark the opening of the exhibition "Water Habitats" - Thursday, 17. april 2014 at 19 p.m., Gallery "Kopjar" Gunduliceva 11, Zagreb

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The lights shot down. Ostrman went down and left the stage his works that play their own show.