Izet Djuzel - Water habitats

Water? Write about water on the one hand and on the other is a noble very thankless task. Even more difficult is verbally interpret one's intimate view of the water like Đuzelovog. Well, ask what you can do to try when sometimes the artist "birth pains" clothed in words something as abstract as the symbolism of his own thoughts and feelings. There is some snare to completely miss what the artist is trying to say, is not it? But if we will still try ... and maybe to go from the general definition worn on the water? Sometimes we get the raw stuff to the essential. The scientific point of view saying that life originated from water - and this is certainly true because where there is water there and life. A IZETA canvases radiate with life, although the water is not in the literal sense, but in a symbolic! Do not say it sucks the water itself LIFE. It is like a treasure - hides many secrets of life for just as emotionally woman's heart. Water act feelings, actions, intentions, and even the (conditional words) common words - it literally "singing" along with the music he released her. Likewise, the water acts on all around - its proximity to the incredibly intoxicating - soothes and be incredible feelings. Remember De Lamartine's poem "Lake". God - how deep and her words! And how many words and feelings in one stroke! Drops without which there would be a waterfall and had so much strength and intensity. Of course - the water is hiding and darting uncompromising power just like in a man's heart. And there Izet also can recognize. They will say that the water is all in one - both male and female, grace and passion, tenderness and harshness, strength and fragility, word and deed, matter and energy, tough hardness and softness najpodatnija, dream and reality, life and death. It is all of these features as irrefutable eternal truths permeate ĐUZEL canvas. Nobody knows what is Izet encouraged to perpetuate the state of water and its stories. And it does not matter what I thought about it when I feel the passion to the last bit of his moves. Simply we are being helplessly attracted to the scene, and the same sense of what the author had in painting. This makes the artist the artist - to dare and succeed convey status without any interpretation, without superfluous epithets and embellishment, breathless and without restraint to get us into the soul and conquer us all. When it is sufficient only one move in ecstasy to engage our thoughts, and the color of "his" water has a thousand and one shade. It is our favorite turquoise. And you? You might have to come and try to find out your favorite ... Although you are confident that you know exactly what you like, do not be fooled because these colors and shades of water resulting from any Izetovog masterful brush which translates dreams on the canvas as if it were the easiest thing in the world you can not find anywhere.


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Izet Djuzel - review of the exhibition "Water Habitats" 17.-04.24.2014. Gallery "Kopjar"

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Izet Djuzel - Water habitats

To mark the opening of the exhibition "Water Habitats" - Thursday, 17. april 2014 at 19 p.m., Gallery "Kopjar" Gunduliceva 11, Zagreb

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The lights shot down. Ostrman went down and left the stage his works that play their own show.

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The lights shot down. Ostrman went down and left the stage his works that play their own show.