Lydia Matulin, "How TV got color"

I believe that you are all at least once and at least one sequel trilogy of "Arthur and the Invisibles" view. (Oh God!) I would mention that this is not about the individual terms of time and I vividly remember the scenes of the elves passing through the huge blades of grass do not recall exactly the blades Lidijinih pictures ... mention Minimoyci have completely different computation time, years ago, our own age ... .. so for example. one of our years with 10 of them and maybe more. Clearly, the weak and somewhat banal comparison Lidijinog world and silly movie adaptation of his book. But if you would like to mass produce words what it was I would say that it is "Position of the Minimoys in a futuristic release" Maybe someday just like predočavati children a world of elves - no longer in predominantly olive-green tones, but color distortion with "end TV programs. "

Anyway, we are increasingly surrounded by fluorescent screams latest fashions with which individuals try to highlight the fashion details. They sell us the uniqueness of funny tricks. Lydia is here not really stand out on this, I'd inexpensive way. Although use really bright colors and sophisticated in its full range, it still stands out in something much stronger and deeper - symbolism. Ignore the picture, catch the vibe - catch point. Well, it's been harder and hardly anyone is able to see the invisible. But let's get back to the paint and time. I have to do both. When you look at only the psychological nature of color; that you paint "faster", for example. indigo or yellow tube? Green or red? Silver or Black? 
Silver is not the color of course! But I can dispel the Flash speeding time lone traveler - Silver Surfer, so I blurted out "silver" tooth from the mouth like a roll of the hand. Clearly, everyone would like to say from a cannon - YELLOW! Red! Silver! Do you realize? The colors also have their time and their speed. Some are sluggish and other hyperactive. Just like the weather, and just like our thoughts, or feelings. Lydia somehow agree (color), you have no idea how, and how logic, the inexplicable harmony that leaves an indelible impression with me and likewise with the audience / visitor of our gallery. Images are saying about the weather. I've noticed that more and more artists tackles these issues but in a modern way. 

It was more lyrical poetics, today it is a matter of life and death where you have to react in time. I guess because we "time" is currently very close to the concept and gloomy preoccupation with fear filled thoughts in the middle of a nervous rhythm of life, stress, adversity, care, frenzied struggle, problems, floods, hurricanes, suffering and all ... all collectively regret for past times .that ... allegedly was much calmer, slower, healthier, calmer, more relaxed, and more intense, more humane, strong colors and emotions ... when you can stop whenever you wanted / wherever you want and enjoy the moment. Walk slowly, breathe deeply. Are these times really be happier? or the key issues, primarily in us and not the circumstances? I would not know. Just know that we are so unstable and sluggish for a firm position that the circumstances unfortunately still affecting, very harmful. And who are we today in all this anyway? As one dear to me the song says - "Dust in the wind", that's what we are! Not a problem at the time, environment or circumstances, we can not physically affected, but the problem is in the subjective perception of them. 

Always we have been given a choice - leave as dust in the wind and let it thrashes from Pillar to eat ... and its system "is (#% & '+? * $!) Made" rules so you be a robot without emotions, without thoughts, no desires and dreams, no tears, laughter, without you ... breathless! Either consciously open your eyes and enjoy. It seems to have no more to say. You concluded but without my gossip: Lydia has found a way to open your eyes. And at least on canvas rein time. With this or that side. Does not matter the time. Because if she is the empress of your universe then everything in it just right - and the speed and inertia, and content and void, and the positive and negative ... .Bijela and Black - are the same. Attention'm often focused on her canvases (the fact that I am the gallery literally surrounded by them all day) so I always lose in their colorful bursts. And this text is full of sweet sparkler personal enthusiasm that haunt bright colors with them about Lydia about her intoxicating vibes about her "time in space." Or "space-time"? 

There's something in her name. By the way I say my namesake. Special aura created around the same-namesake when they meet. As we are members of the same cult that worships the very fact of belonging to a bizarre community and who possesses the secret of the super-powerful knowledge that they can not reach absolutely no one. Maybe secretly with it glorifies. Maybe you selfishly we prefer, or Aryan superiority ... But I'd say it's more the way children; nice script for a comic book about the super over-humanoid creatures of the planet, "Zenn-La", from which derives anyway and Arjun, but concealed vanity that other people considered "plants". I you like to lose in the comics as well as in color, because I was close to Lydia. So, without further with this, I'm glad that I came across another Lydia, moreover artist, and skilled horsewoman waves rainbow weather fields. Would that we manage to ride at least once in a lifetime one such wave. So take her with him, I would not death. I'm just happy Travel, I support! And on occasion we mahni just to know that you still feel "our". 
Matulin Lydia soon opens his solo exhibition titled "How TV got the colors." Opening is Tuesday, 6/24/2014. in 19 hours it will last a week as usual. Exact timetable Opening We are not known and depends on quite a bit, so patience "and please stay tuned!" Everything you'll learn in time. 
By Lydia Saftić


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Lydia Matulin, "How TV got color"

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