Review of the exhibition by Zeljka Gradski - "We are all made ​​from stars"

Stars are somehow always great fascination for the human soul, mind, or reason ... to anyone. No, not the stars cause my link .. Because it just might find ten more songs that mention the stars and pretend to be smart. Bah! No, but it is about symbolism. Symbolism of eternity. Or something ... but read on, you'll understand. Although the nature and the stars have their own place, but he was just as spectacular start. And people do not always spectacular start, or a spectacular end - as anyone in combinations. Some start well and end badly, and vice versa. But some wonderful individuals have neither beginning nor end of life but they shine like the night sky scattered with stars. 

And every time, every other moment another star in their sky shines brighter. And the picture is always different, dynamic, lively, interesting and captivating. Their 
whole life, even simple everyday fingers (not to say happiness than) reality. Fascinating reality. What do you think? You know; Not every moment of happiness to be smiling, but at any moment be aware of the real. YOUR. I do not think it's ... Zeljko star. Now follows the raising of the eyebrows and a big question mark over his head reader. Hey, wait ... just think, the stars are spectacular but they are also limited. Have your lifetime. And the glow is nice but limited framework of our concepts and our insane reliance on a clean visual appearance. The star is their symbol still a lot more. 
Should look at the other side of the screen ... that is wonderful. only what we see, is what you do not see energy! And what is actually visible stars shine? Glory? Whether Zeljka it weighs, I do not care, but I know one thing - real and living my own reality with every pore. A reality and recognition of magic in reality I think is more important than any shine. Slave. Power. Money. "What-I-know-what-all." People tend to just not being myself. You know, there's something magic in the seemingly ordinary things. Zeljko simply enjoys everything - waking or asleep. It is a very practical to say but the magic method found myself an outlet to conditionally colorful chaos of the universe from its head is transferred to the canvas and thus relieved and avoid the chaos that affects its normal functioning in the real world. Brilliant! One World does not harm the other, and vice versa. Actually one another inspiring. 
And she's as quiet observer but deft virtuoso just channeled their spectacular dances to the canvas. And what form - come and see the exhibition. How did he do that? Well, because it's real! Lives yourself now and here. There is right now and right here, there and breathe in the moment ... yes - she runs away and sleep in the past and in the future, but our being aware of and that is why it >> << rights a reality and not an illusion. Someone drug movies, games, food, chemistry, various substances ... her? The aromatic ether reality, its reality! 
I deliberately talked about the symbolism of its stars, ie. Art and background "image" ... .ne commenting about the technical details. Everyone knows iskomentirati design value ... what we all see ... someone will say this or that, it's a good artist or not, strange or ordinary, someone will not understand its image others will more than expected ... but I'm not here to talk is properly holding the brush, iskombinirala color or composition agreed well ... it's not about the design of functional objects for example. mixer that has to be ergonomically correct, because it will not (just) a designer to use than the 25 billion people. 
Who are we to judge at all formal (or any other) values ​​of the artist? In addition, it is the universe ... unlimited universe of her heart. Uniqueness of the individual. And there is no place commentaries visual appearances than just words honors her as a person who knows how to live his reality. And thinking about her works I leave you the reader ... once again I ask you to decide whether you step into the starry universe or not. 
Zeljka not know what I'd better unless told congratulated her on another show and wished many years of systematic and dedicated her life to reality. 
By Lydia Saftiĉ



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