AMT KOPJAR d.o.o. was founded in 1985., made ​​up of two galleries that love and glory the art, the Gallery Harmica and the Kopjar Gallery.  


Just a story...

To tell a story about them is impossible in a few sentences, because their history very turbulent. Just like birds Fenix ​they where closed several times and born again victoriously. After  series of misfortunes they had always raised again and had fresh startup. With lots of entusiasm. Better and stronger after that important experience now they offer a new realization of the world art. Harmica and Kopjar are like sister and brother. They share a similar fate and the same creator, but both are quite different. Harmica is slightly older, like a respectable lady, more "serious and mature" in a specific art taste. Stylistic She is a classical. She have a refined selection of art, and charm from the old Zagreb past. Besides, she have traditional point of view and because of that she had a rightfully complete confidence from Zagreb audience. Aims to create a deeper connection with the foundations of Zagreb tradition and culture. She lives her dream come true through the trust of countless artists and people. Emotional and full of exceptional charm, warmth, accessibility. Very well known to listen to people and read their unspoken desires. Kopjar, however, like a insurgent brother, likes a freedom and open space possibilities of modern times. His passive defiance and rebellion reveals modernity, tends to tame and pre-empt the time. He attracted a futuristic dreams and advanced expressive media. He's ready for artistic experimentation and cultural innovation. However, Harmica and Kopjar are inextricably linked each other and ready to meet a wide range of art tastes and profiles. They managed to combine the seemingly incompatible - tradition and modernity. Past and future.  


Where are they?   

Harmica is on very busy and crowded place that connects the Zagreb capital Square and the most famous market place in Zagreb – Market Dolac. Thus, in addition to being in the center of the city, gallery is also in the center of the events, history and culture. She is the witness of the many events. And her birthday was tied for some important event such as the Universiade, sports games held in Zagreb in 1987. Gallery proudly stands on the way to the Dolac market, and with bread and milk she suggests you to buy a "dose" of art - a food for your soul. Just like a real old Zagreb citizen! 
Also in the city center, not far from gallery "Harmica", but in a renovated Gunduliceva street at number 11, among a range of exclusive facilities such as a shopping center, "Cvjetno" or cultural gathering places such as the cinema "Europe", the true picture of modern metropolitan scene completes the gallery „Kopjar“. Your „half an hour culture“ definitely you can spend on this address where your thirst for art will be richly satisfy with fresh monthly program of exhibitions.  

Postman for the Arts

Galleries have often been a councillor in communication with the world. Hundreds of hand-made greeting cards created with special support of gallery Harmica ended up in different parts of the world. And many of artworks were embarked on a long journey and made happy to faraway friends and connoisseurs of art. Gallery, a postman of smiles and happiness brought joy to many people around the World. Allow us to paint a smile of satisfaction on your face. 



AMT Kopjar d.o.o.
Trg bana Josipa Jelačića 6
10 000 Zagreb
E-mail: galerija.amt.kopjar@gmail.com

Galerija Harmica
Trg bana Josipa Jelačića 6
10 000 Zagreb
Tel/fax:+385 01 4816835

Galerija Kopjar
Gundulićeva 11, 10 000 Zagreb
Tel/fax:+385 01 4872088